Japanese Stone Lanterns


When I see these old stone lanterns, I always stop and stare at them for a while.

Some people probably think I’m interested in old stone lanterns or art.
Some people might think I’m reflecting on some deep universal riddle.
Some people may think I’m pondering about what life was like for the artists who created these things.

None of that’s true though.

I’m just thinking if my head would fit in the hole … and whether I could push the whole thing over if I wanted to.

Some people think some pretty weird stuff.


note:  Coleman® stoves don’t use coal for some reason.

double note: this lantern had a guard cat … guarding it.

triple note: is the whole alphabet copyrighted and trademarked? … or just ® and ©? … I want the “P” in a circle … so I can I get some money back from parking lots.


Today #171

Today I remembered the old “pretend to crack an egg on a kid’s head” trick. Tap a kid on the head with a knuckle and then run fingers down the side of the kid’s head lightly, like it’s an egg running down their head. It still has the same effect as when it was done to me as a kid: amazement, screams, and then a “do it again” expression on the kid’s face.

7 responses to “Japanese Stone Lanterns

  1. That cat looks like a kung-fu cat that couldn’t be bothered to get up. If it played soccer it would be the goalkeeper.

  2. Sorry, the P in a circle is already in use. It indicates Pareve. No meat or milk products were used in producing this food item. For Jews who follow the rules of Kosher, the food item can be combined with either a milk or a meat meal.

    Thanks for playing, try again…

  3. …so, does your head fit into the lantern?

    The cat appears to be trying to walk. Does it know it must stand up first?

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tooty Nolan: it was a pretty friendly old cat. It kept following me around like I was wearing fishpants … or something.

    mrmacs: thanks for stopping by. I didn’t know that.
    I will consider parking areas Kosher from now on. hee hee!

    S. Le: my head doesn’t fit in the lantern. Those lantern makers must have strict guidelines. I guess it would be pretty embarassing if the Fire Department was constantly having to rescue people from those things.

    note: why is it called “the catwalk” when models model clothing? It’s not like they are walking on all fours … or scurrying to the food bowl … or anything.

  5. Re: The head fitting in the hole thing or does your head fit in the whole thing. Is this a pre-electricity head lantern, you know the ones miners wear. It would build up your neck muscles after a while. Falling down would be easy with one on. Getting back up could be a bit trickier…
    Funny/weird how I only have these sort of thoughts when I visit your blog. I must be channeling your odd/weird/bizarre/mentally-unstable thoughts through my computer monitor

  6. Tony: hee hee! How did the first miners mining the stones for stone lanterns see underground?

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