Mr. Lower Back … 3 Years Old!



A month after I started blogging in 2008 I started my first experiment: a Hair Labo.
I named him Mr. Lower Back because at first he didn’t grow hair on his head … just other odd places.

It’s his 3rd birthday today. He’s looking pretty sad, but he keeps on going for some reason. (I had to re-attach his left eye for the photo)

Most of the people who first read the crap I was writing at the beginning have either stopped blogging or stopped leaving comments. That’s cool: everyone has a life … and hobbies/life/situations change.

Some of the first readers of this blog are still around though; Tony, S. Le, Turkish Prawn, Prairie Flounder, sweetiegirlz, and Pat Coakley to name a few who keep stopping by here … like I’ve got worms and they want to go fishing.


It’s been 3 years plus, but I’m not as sad looking as Mr. Lower Back … so I will continue.


note: I have to say that Tony  has sent more people this way than anyone else … for some reason. It’s really quite weird when I try to think about it … which I don’t enough. (I still miss another featured blog that had to do with which way the toiletpaper roll was hanging in the hotels the guy visited)

double note: I should eliminate a lot of the roll call from the blogroll, but I can’t … it’s my nature. I’d be Waiting for Godot … if I was in that play.
(I miss all of you)

triple note:  for everyone else on the blogroll who joined me at a later date … I’m not sure if I found you or you found me … I’m just glad you are still here. It makes the blogging hobby (blobby) very enjoyable.

quadruple note: all my other experiments are long gone or finished. Some were good, some were bad, some were boring … or not to my liking. They are still up at the top of the blog if you’ve got time to kill … and are really bored.
(I’d like to start a new experiment, but my local experiment shop has closed sadly: I’ll keep looking for something new though)


Today #170

Today was like ordering a pizza and calculating only 3 pieces will be mine … then a few people got sick unexpectantly and a few weren’t hungry … Total Score!!!
(this is an analogy: I don’t order pizza when more than 2 people are present)


8 responses to “Mr. Lower Back … 3 Years Old!

  1. Nice hair.

    Yeah, I need to mess with my blog list too, but I don’t want to take the time. It seems like so many have vanished or quit posting. I miss Bliss Bait, and Ichobod’s site is now off Word Press so I have to visit it outside my subscriptions. And Tripin with Rip and Lynn was always fun. But you’re still here at least.

  2. Blobby greetings to you, cheeseman! Ah, your tag lines were always a thing of beauty… How about this?? I just spoke on the PHONE with Pomdog! and I even had lunch with him several months back! He is still the funniest human alive. Dead funniest human? Sounds like a blog post for you!!

    So, beware! We disappear but then come back…sometimes in 3-D. (Was he the one you mourned the loss of his blog about toilet rolls? Sounds like him if not!)

    Anyway, happy 3 years of blogging shenanigans. Have you ever used THAT word?

  3. Mr. Lower Back looks rather elderly at only 3 years old. I remember some of your experiements. They were always interesting.

    I think I happened upon your blog during a random blog read shortly after I began my own blog. I now read many different blogs, but I mostly read more than I write. My life gets in the way of blogging. 😦

    Happy 3rd birthday to Mr. LB!

  4. Hurrah for Mr Lower Back! He does look a bit worse-for-wear though. Perhaps “seed-heads” age even more quickly than dogs do! He may actually be 90 years old in seed-head years!

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    writerdood: I miss the people on the blogroll, but I don’t search out new blogs very often either. I think I’m involved in a “*tontine blog” sometimes.
    … but I don’t know what the benefit at the end will be: probably not having to answer any comments. hee hee!

    *a fund to which a group of persons contribute, the benefits ultimately accruing to the last survivor or to those surviving after a specified time

    Pat Coakley: thanks. I read Pomeroy‘s twitters and watch your youtube videos … so I know you are out there somewhere. Others pop up out of the blue sometimes from … out of the blue surprisingly. Everyone comes back eventually: just like at the department of motor vehicles office. hee hee!
    note: the toilet roll guy was in Europe somewhere, but I wouldn’t put it past the Pomeroy if he did something like that.

    Tammy: I think Mr. Lower Back has finally lost his left eye for good. It must have fallen into the sink after the photo shoot. Maybe I’ll find it on one of my cups! hee hee!

    S. Le: his hairline hasn’t re-seeded at all! hee hee!

  6. he looks spry as ever… with a few odd color hairs. ur worth coming back for. Always interesting here.

  7. Oh Look!!! It’s a Mr. Lowerback post. I didn’t scroll down far enough when I visited before. Thanks for the heads up on the little bloke. He may be rather withered but still has more hair than me. I can’t even remember what the World Tour Toilet Paper blog was called now. Like yourself I found it when WP still had the Random Blog button in the top right corner. I even emailed Automattic to try & get it put back but they seem to not want to.
    I sent all those people your way because they were annoying me & I needed to get rid of them. Like sending Jehovah’s Witnesses to the next door neighbours 😛
    2008!!! I was checking through my old Flat Tony posts & that was the year of his 1st world tour. Imagine if I’d kept the same blog all that time… Inconceivable!!!
    Thanks to for the kind words & the free blog ad.
    Have a great weekend Ross!!!

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