New Directions
Nude Erections!

I’ve tried it out on people: “This company needs to find some ‘nude erections’.

Nobody even flinches when I say that fast.


note: I guess naked statues are nude erections.

double note: I read outloud in my head usually, but I had to double check this one reading outloud outside my head for a change.

triple note: I thought there might be a textbook called “New Directions“, so I checked; … but I found something better! New Directions International!

quadruple note: I have nothing against the above linked religious organization. I just think they should have chosen a better name. Actually there are quite a few organizations called “New Directions” … I thought the invention of the compass kind of solved that dilemma.


Today #169

Today was pretty sterile: it was counter reproductive.


9 responses to “Verbatim

  1. Yeah, and when you’re on a plane, you can turn to the girl next to you and hold out your bag of peanuts and say, “would you like my penis” and get away with it – but not all of the time. I tried this on my wife once, and she got it right away and gave me a dirty look. No mile high club for me.

  2. Lucky I don’t have Medorthophobia (Fear of erect penises, or is it penii?)

  3. You know you are going to get a crap-load of hits here for those looking for penis porn?!?

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    writerdood: is there a “mile down” club … for miners … or something. That doesn’t sound so cool though.

    Tony: I think “penii” is a type of pasta … or a bunch of that type of pasta. hee hee!
    Please tell me you had to look up that phobia word.

    S. Le: so far my hits are averaging normal … which is at the “less than a crap-load” level.

  5. I think that I have medorthophobia – or something slightly more flaccid. We have a guy where I work who taps his disconcertingly long one against the urinal to knock off the drips. I think everyone there has medorthophobia – or something slightly more flaccid – when he’s around.

  6. Tooty Nolan: I’ve never seen taps at the urinal … just at the sink. hee hee!

    Is there a word for having a phobia of phobia words?
    note: it probably shouldn’t have the word phobia in it.

  7. I read it wrong the 1st time & thought it said nude deer erections. That must be when they shoot them, cut off the head & erect it on the wall above the fireplace. I guess they shave them too now to get that nude deer look

  8. Oh I just scrolled up & noticed I previously commented but being such a senile old codger forgot that I had & thought I was reading this post for the 1st time. Yes I had to look up the phobia as I don’t have it.

  9. Tony: it does sound like “nude deer erections” too! … if I use my country music voice.

    I sometimes catch myself before I leave a comment on a post I’ve already commented on; and other times I fall.

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