A Novelty Piece


I have written this sentence only using words that appear in the dictionary.

It is not as hard as you think.


note: I may do a post using only words that appear in songs one day … or maybe movies.

double note: I have designed my style pantomimes as white ink drawings on black backgrounds, so that man’s destiny appears as a thread lost in an endless labyrinth. I have tried to shed some gleams of light on the shadow of man startled by his anguish.
Marcel Marceau

Stick to your day job pantomime boy!

triple note: I would never make fun of Harpo Marx.

quadruple note: childbirth must not be in the dictionary: too many contractions.


Today #168

Today started out rough, but became smooth. It must have been the “sandpaper of time” at work.


5 responses to “A Novelty Piece

  1. You’re on form today. Maybe it’s time to write another video script

  2. Are you sure Harpo Marx is in the dictionary??

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Tooty Nolan: thanks. It’s probably about time I did another video.

    Tony: only the first sentence includes only words found in the dictionary, although now that I look at it, “words” “written” and “using” don’t have their own entries in the dictionary, but are probably in there somewhere.
    Harpoon” and “Marxism” are probably in the dictionary: close enough. hee hee!

  4. Dixie the Poodle

    I ges Harpoon & Marksizm abowt kuvers it.

  5. Dixie the Poodle: thanks for stopping by!
    Are you any relation to Pixie the Doodle? hee hee!

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