Plan F Ross


My “back-up” plan usually involves backing up.


note: backing up and backing down should be opposites, but they aren’t … but they aren’t the same either!

double note: if you are down to Plan K, you should realize that you’re not very good at planning stuff.

triple note: my usual plan is to wing it! … unless it’s an outdoor BBQ, then I’m more of a drumstick person.

quadruple note: if you know someone with autism, maybe you could pass this link along:


Today #167

Today I found a marble!, … but it wasn’t one of the ones I’m missing.

5 responses to “Plan F Ross

  1. Plan K…is that why the Chrysler K cars were so good?

    (thank you for the help sir)

  2. Better hold on to that marble in case you lose all of yours. You could begin again.

  3. Nobody ever backs forwards or sideways, always just up or down. I guess if you back down you get a Lowerback. How is the little guy anyway?

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: I think the marble I found was an Elgin marble, so I may try to collect them all … if I lose my own marbles.

    Tony: Mr. Lowerback is alive. I will post about him tonight. I guess it’s his 3rd birthday now.

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