Why aren’t there more products using “bubble” flavour?

It’s only in gum for some reason.


note: my bubblegum tastes like soap.

double note: bubblegumboots probably wouldn’t wear out.

triple note: I’m sure most kids are operating in “a bubblegum economy“.

quadruple note: not many things taste like soap … except soap for some reason.


Today #163

Today was pretty good, but to be fair … you can’t really mess up a Sunday too badly.

6 responses to “Bubblegum

  1. Is that a bird between his knees? If so – what does it hope to accomplish? Or in simpler English – what’s it gonna do with his willy?

  2. Tooty Nolan: I don’t see a bird between his knees … just a worm … or something.

  3. They need to come up with better flavours for bubblegum/chewing gum. Does anyone make gum flavoured gum, or chewing flavoured gum. Maybe take a leaf out of the book of potato chip makers. Chicken flavour gum. Or maybe Barbecue or sour cream & chives. They could make it fish bone flavour which would discourage people from swallowing it…

  4. @Tony, that is disgusting.

    The gum in the old baseball card packs in the 70’s always tasted weird to me, like wax. or soap.

  5. Dang. Here we go again. Plane, please fill in the blank below. I’m kinda busy right now.

    [insert incredibly witty comment here]

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: I think you have something there with the fishbone flavoured gum.

    sweetiegirlz: baseball card pack gum was pretty crap wasn’t it. It was the same for football and hockey card packs too!
    I wasn’t a big fan of that pink double bubble stuff either … but the Bazooka Joe comic inside … and the low price got me every time.

    Bunk: I’ll try …
    [When I was a kid I was a “bubblegum economist” … one piece a week]

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