A Maizing Graceless


I have an earache on my arm.

… someone hit me with a cob of corn.


note: some corn really gives you an earfull!

double note: I don’t know about “love“, but “corn hurts“! … someone should tell Nazareth!

triple note: the photo has nothing to do with anything … I’m just not armed to the teeth with cobs of corn right now.


Today #157

You know when a piece of caramel gets stuck in your teeth and you try like crazy to remove it? Today was like that, but it didn’t have that yummy caramel taste.


4 responses to “A Maizing Graceless

  1. No self-respecting Le Petit Prince would wear an unfashionable bone through his nose!

    Love only hurts if it is “tough love.” I’m told corns make one’s feet hurt. If you have corns on your arm are your sleeves too tight?

  2. I grew corn as usual this season & it’s all in the freezer now. Once we eat all the kernels off them I plan to sell the left over bits to Cobb & Co.
    So your earache is really an ache-corn???

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: maybe Le Petit Prince was going to a costume party … or something.
    tight sleeves” hee hee!

    omawarisan: okay, if you say so.

    Tony:ache-corn” hee hee! My father must have grown Popcorn.

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