Memorizing all the words helps me remember mneumonics.

Initially my memory isn’t very good.


note: I wouldn’t want to be named ROY G. BIV. I’m sure the nickname “rainbow” would be hard to shake.

double note: I think of C.O.T.R to remember ROY G. BIV to remember the colours of the rainbow.

triple note: mneumonics for mneumonics seems like work.

quadruple note: pneumatic drills sound like biology class all over again.


Today #156

Today I brokefasted: … a couple of eggs, toast, and a cup of coffee. No big whoop.
(I’m past tensing … I’m pretty relaxed now)

6 responses to “Mneumonics

  1. I think the visible light spectrum, including the rainbow, is one of the most fascinating things in the entire world.

    Sundogs are cool, too.

  2. Did you know unicorns poop rainbows? No lie! That’s what Art Major told me and he has a Fine Arts Degree!

  3. If you get too wet & cold you could end up with pneumonionics. Spell checker couldn’t work out if that was spelt right. Ha Ha Suckers to the computerised red squiggly line. I tried to actually pronounce it & it was trickier than Youtuberculosis

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tammy: I’ve never seen a sundog. I saw a full rainbow that surrounded the midday sun once. That was pretty cool.

    S. Le: I think I saw a documentary on the unicorn poop/rainbow phenomena once. hee hee!

    Tony: that’s a real tongue twister … or lung twister.

  5. I just noticed that pneumonionics contains onion. So if you got pneumonionics it would probably make your eyes water

  6. I guess it’s pronounced syllableaicly as newm-onion-iks.

    Stupid spell checker couldn’t recognise syllableaicly either. I think that Mozilla needs to upgrade the spellchecker in their “Firefox” browser to recognise commonly used words.

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