Key Balls And Chains


I’ve acquired quite a few key chains in the last 10 years or so.

Most of them were presents from friends or students who went on holidays: Saipan, New Zealand, Australia, other places in Japan, and Hawaii seem to be popular destinations for Japanese people for some reason.

I’ve bought a few as keepsakes from places I’ve visited: the “No Stress” one from Morro de São Paulo, Brazil supposedly floats, while the real piranha one would fall apart if you stuck it in your pocket, but it’s cool anyway.

Others just seem to have appeared magically with bottles of whiskey.

For me, the only problem with having so many keychains is … I don’t use keychains.

My keys are in the top left of the photo.


note: I should open a keychainstore.

double note: people seem to give me a lot of gloves as well, … but never those cool doctor ones.

triple note: the only person I know with an authentic keychain is Mr. Pettit.


Today #155

Today I read that Cindy Lauper was on tour in Japan when the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear reactor stuff was happening … and she just kept on touring for another week. She goes to the head of the class.

7 responses to “Key Balls And Chains

  1. Been looking for my keys for weeks now! What the %$#&?! Since I’ve got some of my bike chain on that key chain, I can’t even ride to work! 🙂

  2. Your keys suggest you are a very practical person Rosstopher. My favorite keychain EVER is the mini-etch-a sketch keychain I’ve seen at toy stores here. I like the no stress keychain u have. @kelly- don’tcha need ur long lost thumb drive?

  3. That’s a decent collection. I think it’s probably quite normal for most of us to have a pile of these things laying around. I know I’ve got a bunch of them. Who throws these things away?

  4. If you had a key chainsaw, you could really cut the cheese! Awww… come on. Somebody had to say it!

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Kelly Pettit: I’ve been trying to figure out what that button thing on your keychain is for. So far I know that it doesn’t open my fridge, raise the toilet seat, or make women’s clothes fall off.

    sweetiegirlz: I think I did have a small Easter Island head/Moai attached to my keychain, but it fell off. I still have the head/Moai tucked away with my important papers though.
    If I know Mr. Pettit, there are probably a few Canuck hockey games on that thumb drive.

    writerdood: I’ve given a few of them away over the years. It usually happens when I say “I’ve got some extra keychains floating around!”
    The most recent addition to the collection is the Kazakhstan Asian Winter Games one: that one came with a pair of white gloves … and a fridge magnet!

    S. Le: I’m sure if I cut the cheese with a miniature key chainsaw some “cheese hugger” would protest.

  6. I don’t think putting a real piranha keychain in your pocket would be a good idea. Or a real squirrel one either. Think about it…
    I ran into a kangaroo on the road the other day & wrecked the front of my car because someone had stolen the warning sign. I tell ya, if I get my hands on the thieving mongrel that flogged it…

  7. Tony:leech keychains” probably aren’t very popular either. I bet you wouldn’t lose your keys though … just a lot of blood. hee hee!

    People always give me those kangaroo sign keychains from Australia. I want a “kangaruler” one day.

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