Still An Another Update


Just a quick update to say that things here are still quite normal.

The gasoline stations are being supplied with gas a little more regularly than 4 or 5 days ago, but there are still long line-ups/queues for it.

I can walk most places I really need to go, so I’ll probably have forgotten how to drive and will be in better shape in another couple weeks.

There were donation boxes at many stores the day after the earthquake and tsunami, but I noticed that people were collecting money for the aid effort outside of supermarkets today. A bit of public guilt seems to loosen up people’s pocket books a bit … especially when they are carting groceries to their cars.

The crisis at the nuclear reactors is definitely worrying, but I’m actually more concerned about the hundreds of thousand of people who are spending day after day in evacuation centres up north in less than ideal circumstances.
The Government is making plans to relocate many of them to facilities in unaffected areas further south.

I will be glad to get back to work on Monday as just sitting around isn’t very good really.


note:Stress” is my middle name, … but “No” is my first name, so I’m okay.

double note: apologies to S. Le  and others for not captioning the picture on “An Another Update“. If I had a mind, I’d say it slipped it.


Today #152

Today I realized that I see more people I know when I walk places.

7 responses to “Still An Another Update

  1. Keep the updates coming. The MSM is hyperventilating.

  2. Glad to hear that you are doing alright if not a little antsy. I can understand wanting to get back to work. Trying to return to normalcy (or as normal as you can manage) is good for the soul, even if in reality there is still a ton of work to do to set things right. Keep us posted on how things are going for you. After reading BBC news all day, it’s good to hear how things look on a micro, rather than macro level.

  3. Nice home security system. It would certainly keep ME away!

  4. I appreciate your updates. I, too, am concerned about the relocation of everyone. There is so much to clean up. If only I were a giant with a big broom and dustpan.
    I know when disaster has stricken here, the first thing people are concerned with is getting the children back in school. I suppose it’s the normalcy thing.
    On the upside, how much weight have you lost? From all the walking. 😉

  5. Thanks for the comments.
    Apologies for not responding to comments quicker: I am around most of the time, but a little more lethargic than usual. Things seem to be “letharger than life” these days. hee hee!

    Bunk Strutts: thanks. I was waiting for the megaphone to kick in.

    Turkish Prawn: I thought I’d get a lot of cleaning done around the house with a week off of work, but I didn’t for some reason. My mind hasn’t been on mindless work I guess. hee hee!

    S. Le: it kind of looks like the Wizard of Oz‘s head.
    Ignore the man behind the curtain!” hee hee!

    Tammy: thanks. It’s the end of the school year here, but I’m sure parents would like their kids to be going back to school right away. hee hee!
    I don’t think I’ve lost any weight so far, but I’m a firm believer in Mr. Pettit’s mantra “muscle weighs more than fat“.
    I’m only 85 kg these days, so that’s okay.

  6. Thanks for the behind the scenes look at what’s happening where u are. This whole thing has been so sad. Wish we could help. I would so take a family home with me if I lived there!

  7. sweetiegirlz: some of the people who were in shelters up north have been relocated to areas around here. I don’t know when they will be able to return to the places they lived before. It’s really sad.

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