An Another Update


Things here are about the same as they were a few days ago.

On the walk to the gym this morning I noticed a few businesses closed, but most were open.
I went into a convenience store and bought a sandwich: there were normal supplies.
I went to the gym: it was normal.
I got a haircut: maybe it was a “panic haircut”~!
I stopped by work to tell them I would be at work next week: it was normal.

I went to a grocery store: it was normal.

Everything is still normal … just an underlying note of stress and concern in most people I’ve met.



note: it’s hard to see charity boxes without shoving money in them.

double note: I’m a bit stressed, but hopefully I will lose a lot of weight in the process. I’m looking for a lose/win situation.


Today #151

Today nothing happened: that’s not a bad thing.

4 responses to “An Another Update

  1. Cool.
    Nothing happened.

    It’s always nice when nothing happens. It’s like when you wake up from a dream about being chased by zombie clowns with chainsaws and realize that you were sleeping. It’s far better than suddenly finding yourself standing in a public area naked and realizing that it’s not a dream. Although I can’t speak from personal experience on this.

  2. Glad things are relatively normal.
    I hope you have a backup plan…just in case.
    Stay safe.
    Thinking about you, Kelly, and Mrs. Pettit.

  3. What Tammy said. Ditto from me.

    There was no “tag” on the photo. I kept trying to get one to appear. I’m a bit pathetic.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    writerdood: I wanted to find the Monty Python sketch about Ralph Mellish, but couldn’t. So here is something completely different, but very similar:

    Tammy: thanks. We are all fine. It’s just a game of “wait and see” … or “tag” … or “hide and seek” … or something like that.

    S. Le: my mind was a bit scattered, frayed, or at loose ends at the time. I would kick myself, but I know that I can’t kick myself very far … so what’s the point. hee hee!

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