Mother Nature’s A Mother … Sometimes.


I don’t usually think that I’m living on a crust

… until there is an earthquake.


note: I am fine. I live up in the mountains about 300km away from Sendai. It shook this area up, but no damage.

double note: my heart goes out to those in Sendai and Northern Japan who have lost their lives, relatives, friends, homes, livelihoods and all the other stuff we get used to as permanent.


Today #148

I don’t feel so funny today … more sad and shocked.

14 responses to “Mother Nature’s A Mother … Sometimes.

  1. Glad to hear you are ok.

  2. i think she really needs a mother today!

  3. Glad to learn you are ok.

  4. I don’t feel so funny today, either..just checkin’ in on you.

  5. Sad at what I’m seeing, so happy to see that youre safe.

  6. Glad to hear you are far away from the tragedy… my heart goes out to those who have lost so much.

  7. Cynical Scribble

    Realised I didn’t know where you lived when I seen the news. Glad you’re ok dude.

  8. Thanks for all the messages.

    This morning seems eerily quiet where I live. I think most people are glued to their tv’s and trying to get in contact with people to see if they are okay.

  9. Ross- it’s hard to find the right to laugh when there’s such agony around.
    It, is, though, the only thing that keeps us going, even if it feels black humor to do so.
    What you described is what NYC felt like to me ( and everyone else ) the day after the towers were taken. Glued to the TV, wandering the streets, and for me, cleaning out drawers. Don’t know why. It just felt productive on a tiny scale when the giant scale seemed so out of reach.
    Even though you’re safe ( a good thing ), it will be a while before things are stabilized.

  10. I’m very relieved to know you’re unharmed. The quake and Tsunami were so tragic for many. My heart also goes out to all affected.

  11. Is there anything we in the US can do? In addition to donating to the International Red Cross, etc?

  12. Thanks for the notes.

    Bonnie Luria: I’m a big black humour fan, but I’ll keep my thoughts to myself. This is pretty devastating, grisly, and horrible for people here.
    I washed my floors today just to keep myself busy and avoid sitting on the computer watching the same footage over and over again.

    S. Le: thanks.

    it’s nice to get a note from you. Probably the best thing people outside of Japan can do is to donate money to the International Red Cross and other international agencies that work with disasters. thanks for the note.

  13. Glad you are safe Ross. It has been on TV a lot here. I was close to tears quite a few times seeing what has happened to all those poor people & to think that so many thousands of lives were cut short. Sad, so very sad…

  14. Tony: thanks for the note.
    I’m amazed at some of the people interviewed who have lost family members and are grieving quietly while looking to the future and rebuilding.

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