Half Words


mis, multi, micro, mega
pre, pseudo, proto
ab, ag, ap, be, co ex, un, in,
retro, neo, ambi,
semi, sub, ultra, hypo

I’m prefixated.


note: being suffixated sounds like as much fun as hyphenventilating.

double note:post” as a prefix just doesn’t make sense.

triple note:first passed the post” means “postfirst” really.
… and that is illogical.


Today #147

Today was like a box of Cracker Jacks … without any crackers or jacks inside.


8 responses to “Half Words

  1. As usual your logic is impecable – though I expect that Spock might nit-pick slightly, in which case your logic is entirely peckable.

  2. I guess half words are good for people with not much to say becau th ca ge awa wit ou say to muc.
    Plus it saves type writer ribbon too. Postprefix is a good word, it sounds like one of those power words/phrases that business men use to make them sound more effective at meetings etc.
    Eg: “I’ll have to put it on the back burner & touch base with you later in the week. I have a few irons in the fire & a will organise a big postprefix for this afternoon”

  3. BTW were you affected by the Earthquake/Tsunami where you live??? Hope all is OK in your area Ross.

  4. Let us know youre safe.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Tooty Nolan: if Spock has something to nit-pick about then my logic is peccable.

    Tony: I can actually read the sentence you wrote. There must be too many letters in words … or something.
    Thanks for your note of concern. I’m fine.

    omawarisan: I’m safe. I was here for the 2004 earthquake that hit Niigata; and this area really shook. But this one was a lot bigger and longer and scarier. A few things fell off the shelves, but nothing damaged.

  6. P.S. Look at your dotty photo & scroll your mouse wheel up & down while you keep looking at the photo. It’s really psychedelic man…

    Note: I had to rely on spell check to get psychedelic right.

  7. Tony: I noticed that as well about the photo.
    Mr. Lowerback is still alive barely. I am waiting for my 3 year Blogoversary to reveal what he looks like now. I guess that’s tomorrow anyway.

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