When I ate grapefruit as a kid my mother used to cut each segment away from the peel, so it was easy for me to eat.

She was pretty non-judgemental when I piled on the sugar too!

I’d like to thank her for that.
 Hey! It’s not like she peeled all my bananas for me or anything!

If you feel that way about it, go find your own mother!


note: if I didn’t have a mother, I’d wish I’d never been born. 

double note: I’m sure if I was born again, I’d be a born-again atheist.

triple note: Matt Damon has been Bourne again a few times now!

quadruple note: are there any born-again Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, …
… or are only Christians allowed to do that?

quintuple note: being a “died-again something” isn’t as catchy as that “born-again” stuff.

sextuple note: sheep probably “dye-in-the-wool” more than most animals.


Today #139

Today was relaxative … I ate a lot of corn last night.

6 responses to “Grapefruit

  1. Corn equals wind. You were inflatory.

  2. Tooty Nolan: is that why they build those wind turbines in cornfields? hee hee!

  3. We put a lot of sugar on our grapefruit too. I think it balanced out with all those vegetables we had to eat.

    I didn’t see Bourne identity but Doug has seen all 3 and we just saw “Unknown” which he says copied that movie. Now I’m sort of glad I didn’t see Bourne identity, maybe it would have ruined it for me too.

    I think Hindus believe in being born again, again again again again…..

  4. sweetiegirlz: I used to like eating cinnamon toast as a kid. It was just an excuse to eat a load of brown sugar for breakfast. Usually there wasn’t too much room for the cinnamon part. hee hee!

  5. I think the blonde guy in ABBA was Bjorn again. There is actually an ABBA tribute band here in Australia called Bjorn Again too. The other tribute band Benny Again didn’t really take off

  6. Tony: hee hee! Everyday he is “Bjorn Again“!
    Eggs Benny Again” would be a better name for that other band sitting on the runway. Eggs Benny are good!

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