Proof Of Fire … Or Something Like That


“flammable” and “inflammable”
are quite inunderstandable.


note: “combustible” and “incombustible” are more trustable.


Mean Things I Say About People #5

If I didn’t talk behind your back, we’d never talk at all.

6 responses to “Proof Of Fire … Or Something Like That

  1. SNOW DAY!!! yay! Okay, what do you knock them off the wall with?

  2. Is there an ‘uninflammable’? If so I’d like some uninflammable pants – just in case I don’t make it over the candlestick. If that appears, at first glance, to make no sense, it’s because I have my ‘surreal’ head on today. If you understand me just nod your own ‘surreal’ head.

  3. Clever children! Can’t trust them!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: I never found out what they knocked them off the wall with. When I left 90 minutes later they were all severely melted.

    Tooty Nolan: it makes sense to me. (nodding my surreal head … unknowingly)

    S. Le: when 150 3-6 year olds are put in a fresh patch of snow for 30 minutes; 5 large snowmen, multiple mini-snowmen, and an igloo are built.
    If there were children in Antarctica, there would be no snow left there in a matter of days. … just a very large poorly built igloo and an army of snowpeople with some eyes missing.

  5. Given the Earth is round, isn’t it technically impossible to talk behind someones back – if the person just walked ahead for a really really really long time they would eventually be facing you?

  6. guidopip: the Earth is round? … Galileo Galileo Figaro …. Magnifico o o o o!
    I think it’s politically correct to say that “the Earth is short for its weight“, “a bit plump“, or maybe ” big boned“. hee hee!

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