Animal Tracks … Or Prints … Or Something Like That


In a perfect world,

 animals would probably use “fashion designer” patterns when they created clothing.


note: it’s my natural selection … selection

double note: baboon print jeans never really caught on.

triple note:It’s real Armani … can’t you tell by the genuine cracked Italian leatherface surface on this bag?


Today #136

Today as I sat in an outdoor onsen, I saw a Japanese serow wandering off into the woods.
… I’ve seen them before, but not while naked sitting in a hotspring bath.
I may start something called “Naked Animal Spotting Animals“! … or NASA for short .

4 responses to “Animal Tracks … Or Prints … Or Something Like That

  1. I liked the serow. I thought it was very cute – especially for a deer. I particularly liked the Yamaha Xt225 version. Wasn’t so cute, but it looked like it could pull vast wheelies.

  2. I thought they’d sorted a way to make cars out of giraffe skins.

  3. I see Sarah/Sally/Susan/Sonya Le beat me to it & I agree the Serow looks just like an XT250. I rode one of those recently for my licence test. So did you see the deer-like critter or the motorbike

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tooty Nolan: actually at first I thought the serow was a big grey dog or wolf (I didn’t see it’s head). When I asked the guy at the front desk on the way out, he said it was probably a serow (kamoshika) or a monkey. I think he was taking the piss out of me with the monkey reference.

    S. Le: dragracing cars would be best suitable for giraffe skins. I think a hippo skin could probably cover my van.

    Tony: I think I saw the deer-like creature … because it didn’t have a licence plate on the back of it. hee hee!

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