Maître d’


The maître dat the fancy French restaurant wasn’t very good.

He didn’t even wear a cape!


When I left, one of the staff held the door for me though;

… I think he was the “maître d’oor”.


note: my French is so bad that it just sounds like I’m swearing. Excuse me.

double note: the photo is of a curry house sign. I don’t have any photos of French restaurants: I don’t live in France or anything!

triple note: I actually took this photo because of the “Pin” sign: I  think the exit sign said “Pout“.


Today #134

Today I was really on a streak! … a mean streak!
(Is mean streaking when you run around like a mad man?)

9 responses to “Maître d’

  1. Amazing. Parking at the pearly gates! I thought you weren’t supposed to bring stuff like cars along.

  2. The Head Chef at the restaurant, the one who looked like Homer Simpson, was he known as the Maitre D’oh?

  3. But it’s such a heavenly shop!

  4. You may not be surprised at this – but I DO have a picture of a French restaurant. I took it because it looked so very….French. I don’t, however, have any pictures of German restaurants. I wonder why.

  5. J’aime vraiment la moto. Quel modèle, il est de toute façon?
    (I really like the motorcycle. What model is it anyway?)

    Note: I don’t speak French, Google translate did it for me….

    Double note: Maybe I shouldn’t have said so then you would think I was stylish & sophisticated.

    Triple note: I guess the post quality & content on my blog contradicts the double note…

  6. Quadruple note: I have moved my blog back to Self hosting was too time consuming for me. Still the old address

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    Donald Diddams: the Pearly Gates (store) is about 10km from Heaven (hair salon) … a car is probably the best, but there is a bus also. hee hee!

    guidopip: hee hee d’oh!

    S. Le: hee hee!

    Tooty Nolan: to qualify as a German restaurant around here, a place just has to serve sausages and beer. Sadly, Italian restaurants sometimes only have spaghetti.

    Tony: I don’t know what model that motorcycle is: I didn’t even notice it until you mentioned it. I think I have a weird motorcycle photo that I’ll be putting up soon.
    I’ll change your address back … again!

  8. @triple note: groaning but still hella funny!

  9. sweetiegirlz: when I see “Pin” signs I say “pin” in my head, but know that it really means “Parking” and “in“.

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