Recently the days are passing me by like I’m driving in the slow lane.

It’s not so bad.

I think there is someone with a flat tire up ahead.

I may pull over to help.

I’ve got time.


note: I see March approaching like a madman in the rearview mirror!!!

double note: life is like Italian race car driving: no reverse or brakes.

triple note: I guess that last note could be called “racist” … it mentioned racing.


Today #132

Today I realized that I have Arizona, Alaska, and Kansas t-shirts.
If I was going to collect all the states’ t-shirts, I bet Hawaii is the real bitch to get!


5 responses to “MTWTFSS

  1. Send in the clones.

  2. My favorite Hawaii t-shirt is from Matsumoto’s Shave Ice:

    You can order t-shirts online. Their “original” logo is a hand holding a 3-flavor snow cone. Extremely yummy!

  3. Hawaii would be tougher than most states indeed. But you already have Alaska and that’s one of the toughest. Although, Guam could be tough if you lived in the the US. But it’s probably the cheapest to pick up now.

    If you drive the local roads in Japan, bring a book!

  4. I think I need new glasses I am seeing double, triple, quadruple vision
    I wish Saturday & Sunday would run in 1st gear, they pass too quickly. Hey I just noticed, saTURDay. Gosh no wonder I had a headache on saTURDay, it was such a crappy day

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: don’t bother they’re here. hee hee!

    drgeo: those are some good looking t-shirts.

    Kelly Pettit: Hawaii is probably the toughest state to get a t-shirt from: it doesn’t have too many tourists sadly. hee hee!

    Tony: I think there were 7 of the same car in a row, but I didn’t notice the trend for a while … I just thought I wasn’t moving … or something.

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