I’ve discovered a few cures for diseases and viruses over the years.

It’s just that the diseases and viruses haven’t been discovered yet.

I’m patiently waiting.


note: doctors never discover the cure before the disease. … I guess you need a “pre doctoral” degree instead of a “post doctoral” degree for that stuff.

double note: bird flu, mad cow, swine flu, …
                                I bet the horses are getting nervous.

triple note: without a chimney there never is a flue season.


Today #129

I know the days are getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere, but today seemed longer by a few hours!

4 responses to “Curator

  1. I expect the camels will get the hump too. English expression: May not travel well.

  2. I find it strange that a sign of a sick dog is a dry nose, yet for us humans it is the other way around… I thought we were closely related to the dog?… or is it monkeys… what moisture level does a monkeys nose need to reach until it is considered sick?… I got a feeling Darwin didn’t think this one through sufficiently.

  3. All that talk gave me goose bumps. OMG! Is that contagious too?

    If I shit in the woods am I related to bears?

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tooty Nolan:It’s good news. You don’t have Bactrian Flu. … it’s just the mild Dromedary Virus.” hee hee!

    guidopip: the only dog I am closely related to is the hotdog maybe. hee hee!

    Kelly Pettit: if you both shit in the woods, you are both similar … relatively speaking. hee hee!

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