The Headless Woman


When I was a kid, you could pay 50 cents to see the headless woman at the local fair.

She had a bucket on top of her shoulders with a bunch of tubes running out of it; and she made jerky motions as she rocked in her rocking chair.

If she’s still alive, I bet she’s really old now.


note: I wonder what her passport photo looks like.


Today #125

Today I broke my broccoli.

6 responses to “The Headless Woman

  1. I need to find my second wind, I broke my first one.

  2. I reckon her passport photo had a photo of a bucket on top of her shoulders with a bunch of tubes running out of it. The photo was probably blurry too due to the jerky motions. I guess no head = no brain= no nerve controlling electrical impulses to tell muscle groups what to do = muscles that just have to manage the best they can = blurry passport photo

  3. I wonder if she ever grew a head

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Mikey Buoy: hee hee! (fingers clamped over nose)

    Tony: I wonder if she had to renew her passport … I mean … it’s the same bucket!

    Tooty Nolan: I’m sure she “got ahead” … there were a lot of people paying money to see her! hee hee!

  5. I’m sure she took all that money and bought a hat. Maybe one like that kid on the old Fat Albert cartoons with the hat pulled down over his eyes.

  6. sweetiegirlz: I thought that kid was called Mushmouth, but after checking, it appears that was Dumb Donald.
    I always wanted to play the game “Buck Buck” when I was a kid.

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