Ejection Seats


I wish I had an ejection seat in my vehicle

… and a passenger.

That’s probably important too!


note: red convertibles never convert into other colours … or different religions for some reason. What’s up with that?

double note: I drive a revertible … it goes backwards.

triple note:ha ha! I have an ejection seatbelt!!!


Today #124

Today I paid my rent for a few months … I think June and August.

4 responses to “Ejection Seats

  1. Gosh, what was the look they were going for?

  2. Only one seat in my car is the ejection type. Problem is, I can’t remember which one. Now I don’t dare touch the button!


  3. My dentist has an injection seat. It is a convertible too as it converts into a drill seat, an extraction seat, a get your tongue stuck in the suction pipe seat & a choke & gag on the x-ray film (& the dentist’s garlic breath) when it goes right to the back of your throat seat.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: I kind of liked the look of this little car. I would have put a “5” in the white circles though. I’m a bit of a Speed Racer fan:


    Turkish Prawn:Russian Ejection Seats” would probably similar.

    Tony: that dentist must have “Q” working for him or her!

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