The Code


I broke the personal appearance code at work.

I have to get rid of my milk moustache.

… I think the milk goatee is still okay though.


note: the photo has nothing to do with anything. I just shaved off my milk moustache before I thought about posting this. The milk goatee is pretty patchy … maybe I should drink whole milk!


Today #122

Today  I saw a dead salmon frozen in a waterfall … my soul was still in my body though. That Sting is full of crap!

10 responses to “The Code

  1. I like your photo. I like to photograph evening scenes like this. Painting it would be even better, but would take too much time.

    My son has a problem with the milk mustache. I’m the milk mustache police. Ha! Milk mustache Police!

  2. Have you considered yoghurt sideburns? I once wore a custard hair piece. I was a teenager at the time. I’d made a bowl of custard, and was running up the stairs to my room – when I tripped. You can guess the rest.

  3. Checked out your book preview. I suffer memory loss. Didn’t realise that I’d left a comment on Blurb. Stand by it though.

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Tammy: a lot of the hills around here in the winter look very stickish.

    Tooty Nolan: I’ll add that to the list of “Things Not To Run With“: scissors, custard, …
    Thanks for leaving the comment at Blurb and thinking of leaving a comment before realizing that you’d left one already. I really should get off my ass and send some books out to some publisher people to see what they say.

  5. Ditto me and my books. How is the world going to discover me if they’ve never heard of The Hamster-Britain stories? I really am a lazy sod!

  6. My daughter puts peas in her ears and pretends she can’t here me… the last laugh will be on her when they get stuck in there… and then on me when I take her to the emergency room to explain the situation to the doctor… I might have to explain it was because I was playing Sting on the stereo…. dream of blue turtles?… pfff, if i told people i dreamt of blue turtles they would search me for drugs.

  7. The code is 7259783 but keep it a secret & don’t let anyone know or I am a dead man

  8. Uh-Oh I forgot this isn’t a private password protected site. Ummm… Now how do I delete my previous comment

    O hang on Ross there’s someone at the door.
    “Who is it???”
    “Mafia?? Who is Mafia, I don’t know anyone by that name”
    “The code, course I didn’t put it on”
    “Concrete shoes??? Don’t be silly why would I wear…………….”

  9. Thanks for the comments.

    Tooty Nolan: I guess you are lazier than me because have a bunch of books and I only have one. I could be wrong; I usually am. hee hee!

    guidopip: I don’t think kids put peas in their ears when I was a kid … maybe because Sting didn’t have any songs on the radio back then. mmm …

    Tony: I punched your code into bing and it came out with this property for sale in New South Wales … or maybe Queensland.

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