You know how kids make those gob bubbles using the saliva in their mouths?

It’s really easy actually!!!


note: we all live in our own little bubbles… some more literally than others.
… or maybe that should be puddles.


Today #121

Today was like a tuna fish sandwich … a tiny little bit redundant.

5 responses to “Bubbles

  1. I can only think of two words when I see this:
    hamster and claustrophobia.

  2. Those kids have some really advanced technique.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Tammy: I kept looking around for the giant bottle of bubble liquid and bubble wand! hee hee!

    omawarisan: they must have a lot more gob than the rest of us. hee hee!

  4. All I can see when I look at the picture is that they have extremely high water surface tension in Japan & the bubbles are from farting in the pool

  5. Tony: there should be special chemicals that dye the water to stop people from farting in pools.

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