I’m big on routine: you could set your watch by me.

… but you’ll have to do it everyday

… and not stand too close to me while you do it.


note: doing something routinely every 20 years sounds like too much responsibility.

double note: I’m quite a big personal spaceman!


Today #120

Today was like a ski hat: warm, but itchy.
(In Canada a ski hat is called a toque: it means warm and itchy for some reason)

7 responses to “Routine

  1. That thing looks like it belongs on a sewage farm.

  2. In the southern us, a toque is called a toboggan. no one knows why. none of us actually own a toboggan that isn’t a hat.

  3. What is that thing. Looks like a giant flute that’s gone wrong. Hope you have a toque day. I used to have a dark green mohair jumper that my grandma made me. Therefore because Gran made it my Mum would force me to wear it if we went out anywhere. She knew that I didn’t like it but didn’t want gran to think I didn’t like it even though I didn’t like it. It was very toque

  4. Whatever happened to the Swatch Watch – at one point of time it seemed like everyone had one except me – and now no one has one – maybe I was ahead of my time?

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Tooty Nolan: it does look a bit non-playground materialish now that I look at it again.

    omawarisan:toboggan” is such a cool word; I bet most people wished they called something a “toboggan” and could say it regularly.

    I login and then I’m bloggin’ with my toboggan on my noggin! hee hee!

    Tony: I thought it looked like Freddy the Magic Golden Flute from the H.R. Pufnstuf kids show. (Freddy makes an appearance at 2 minutes 45 seconds in the video)
    It’s actually some kind of playground thing outside of an apartment building that little kids can crawl around in.

    My grandmother used to just send money as a gift … then I had to go out and buy ugly embarrassing sweaters by myself. hee hee!

    guidopip: that’s one way of looking at it! hee hee!
    I think I was ahead of my time for a lot of stuff now that you mention it!

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