Opting For The Mistic


I’m a pretty optimistic person.

When something really terrible happens,
I never think “I want to crawl into a hole and die.

… I’m sure someone will put me in the hole after I die.

I’m a pretty optimistic person really.


note: the only person I know who has crawled into a hole is Alice … and she seemed to do quite well.


Today #115

Today is payback day!!!
oh! I mean payday.
That’s almost as good.

2 responses to “Opting For The Mistic

  1. Isn’t Mistic Mr. & Mrs. Stic’s daughter

  2. Tony: you are always a stickler for detail! … or a detailer of Stics … or something like that.

    note to myself: learn more about Mr. & Mrs. Stic’s family tree.

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