Fossil Fools!


Who’s to blame for the use of fossil fuels and all the havoc they wreak?

The damn extinct animals! … and archeologists!!!

Those 2 are dirt in my books … or close to it.


note: if things didn’t die, archeologists would just be burglars probably.

double note: I knew those dinosaurs were trouble when they showed up in that Jurassic Park movie!


Today #116

Today was all jibbly jabbly and wagga wagga. You know what I mean.

6 responses to “Fossil Fools!

  1. Wagga Wagga is a town in Australia. Those dinos sure have a lot to answer for. Dead all these millions of years & still making trouble

  2. Jibbly jabbly and wagga wagga…both?

  3. Does that mean you were a couple of fools who are now fossils?

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: there is a Bella Bella in Canada and a Walla Walla in the U.S. … maybe they should all become sister cities!

    omawarisan: I think they both happened because of excess verbal jabs and tongue wagging possibly.

    S. Le: I don’t know about the Potosi mine tour guide, but I think I’m still a fool and will eventually turn into a fossil … when I’m more sedentary and settle down … into the earth a bit more. hee hee!

  5. There’s also a place near Wagga Wagga named Gumley Gumley
    They they must must be be towns towns where where everybody everybody speaks speaks twice twice.

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