A Four Wheel Drive motorcycle would be cool.


note: I had a four wheel drive bicycle as a kid … or maybe those were training wheels.

double note: a two wheel drive unicycle would probably be good in the snow.

triple note: 4 Wheel Driveways are pretty standard.


Today #113

I’m going for the perfect day today … crap! I spilt my coffee!
correction: I’m planning for the perfect day tomorrow today.

4 responses to “4WD

  1. Yamaha did actually produce a 2-wheel drive enduro machine, but it hasn’t exactly wowed the off-road fraternity.

  2. Perhaps you could compromise and go for a quad bike? It would be even easier to park than your van! And just think of all the fresh air you’d get while driving around. There’s even room for Kelly on the back. And his guitar. Maybe.

  3. Damned Harleys really annoy me with their ultra loud exhausts & their black open face helmet, black t-shirt, black leather jacket wearing tough guy riders. Why can’t they just be quiet & wear something colourful???

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tooty Nolan: but they didn’t call it 4WD though! I don’t think cars with “stick shifts” should be able to use that name either … unless they use real sticks! hee hee!

    epicurienne: the last thing you will find me on is a motorbike of any description: I don’t care if it has 100 wheels!!! … unless it’s cheaper than a taxi from Bangkok airport, then I’ll be on the back with a big backpack. hee hee!

    Tony McGurk: a lot of Harley drivers in Japan are old guys. They need loud bikes so they know they are running. hee hee!

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