Another Bellybutton Anniversary!


No candles on my birthday cake this year.

I’m on “BirthDaylight Saving Time“.


note: it’s always a “birthday” … never a “birthnight“!

double note: some people see birthdays as a “millstones“, I just see them as “milestones“.


Today #105

Today I get to be 46 all day!!!
… What! I don’t go back to 45 tomorrow!!!
What a rip-off!!!


9 responses to “Another Bellybutton Anniversary!

  1. Happy Birthday squire, hope you had a good one mate.

  2. Birthdaylight saving time, I always love your play on words. Now your the same age as Michelle that’s really old…

  3. Ok Happy birthday dear pal ! Your thoughts are always full of fun and always amazes me ! Birthnight ha!

  4. “note: it’s always a “birthday” … never a “birthnight“!”

    Which is strange when you think about how many babies are born at night.

  5. Happy belated birthday! Hey, you’re just 4 years away from 50!
    Aren’t you excited? hee hee!

  6. Just think. If you were born on Leap Day you’d only be 11 1/2! Don’t know why I thought of that but couldn’t think up anything clever to say.

    Tanjoubi omedetou!

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    Cynical Scribble: thanks! it sounds like you are having a good time in Australia! Have fun!

    Tony: it’s nice being the youngest sibling in my family … because they all consider me young no matter what age I am. I don’t consider myself old yet; I guess their attitude has rubbed off on me.

    Tasneem: thanks! sometimes I never know who reads this stuff.

    Razzbuffnik: I think I was born in the morning … because my Mother used to mention “morning sickness” when she talked about my birth. hee hee!

    Tammy: thanks! if I’m still blogging at 50, I sense my birthday post will include the “Hawaii Five-0” theme song!

    S. Le: arigatou gouzaimasu!
    I think they should just save up all those “Leap Days” for 30 years and have a “Leap Month” where everyone gets paid, but doesn’t have to work. I’d stick it between July and August maybe.

  8. Hey why aren’t you wearing your “birthday suit”?

  9. sweetiegirlz: I was! … it was underneath. hee hee!

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