I’m Only Teething!


I see saw.

… just thought that you should know that.


note: if I could cut the world in half, I call dibs on Google Earths!

double note: sawing Mother Earth in half would be quite a trick.
Ta Da!

triple note: sorry for not checking out your blogs recently, I’m still trying to figure out what an elevator should be called when it’s going down.


Today #104

I did everything I said I’d do today, but it’s left me wanting. I guess I should have said more … or in a weird a robot voice … or something like that.

10 responses to “I’m Only Teething!

  1. I hope when the giant saw gets to Tasmania that it doesn’t ruin my house, car, motor scooter, wife, computer, bed, fridge, barbecue or veggie garden

  2. Tony: I’m glad you have your priorities. hee hee!

  3. What do you think, is it better to saw the earth in half from north to south or along the equator? I’m thinking you want to avoid the hard frozen bits.

  4. omawarisan: I did consider the north/south – along the equator dilemma, but needed to consider it more thoroughly. I’d go the equator route … as there is an easily followable line to follow, … because I’m pretty crap sawing stuff usually.

  5. Related to your elevator comment, I always wondered why the board game was called Snakes and Ladders, and not Slippery Dips and Ladders – who ever slide down a snake before? Its anti-reptilian!

  6. I’m going to have a word with that Gigantor. He’s always leaving his toys out in the weather.

  7. “I’ve hit a subway!” lol

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: I always think of this song when you mention your motorscooter:

    I’d put on the David Dundas original, but this one is a bit rockier.

    guidopip: that game is also called “chutes and ladders”, but snakes are scarier! I’ve got a version of the game “Trouble” … with the pop-o-matic bubble that was bought in Ireland. It’s called “Aggravation”, not “Trouble”. I guess the game maker didn’t want any connection with “The Troubles” in Ireland.

    Razzbuffnik: this saw is at the “Big Sight” in Odaiba, Tokyo. There was a big Manga/Anime/Costume Play festival there at the end of December. I was in Odaiba shopping, but I checked it out for about 30 minutes. What a zoo! There must have been 200,000 people there. The whole place was one big line-up for one thing or another.

    S. Le: sometimes I wonder if there is any dirt left below Tokyo. It must just be a massive network of manmade tunnels and building foundations by now.

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