Two Zero One One: That’s My PIN Number!!!!


Why is it always a clock that counts down the time on New Year’s Eve?

A calendar would be more appropriate.

… not very exciting, but appropriate.



note: I know it isn’t Chinese New Year yet, but I need a new calendar in a couple of days!

double note: I’m still waiting for “The Year of the Cat” … that Al Stewart is a liar!

triple note: I can just hear all those billion Chinese saying, “What, no animals or nothing? Those people are pagans … and have no firecrackers or anything!!!

quadruple note: I watched that dummy for a while, but it didn’t do anything with the bricks and the pipe. I even kicked it a few times with expectations … but nothing. (sad face)


Today #103

I hope everyone had a great big Happy New Year … where ever you are … or where ever you have been … or where ever you are going!
I hoped for these things today and yesterday and when everything went 00:00 over here a few days ago, but I thought no one would be wishing these things for you on January 2nd … because they were spent … so I thought I’d do the honours … and I’m always thinking … about being considerate. hee hee!

3 responses to “Two Zero One One: That’s My PIN Number!!!!

  1. I bought two new calendars on New Year’s Day at half price! Now’s the time to buy that calendar.

    At the bottom of your post:

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * Dates Give Me Diarrhea
    * Recycling Time

    Coincidence? I reckon not!

  2. Shouldn’t the clock count up??? As time is moving forward to a new year beginning. Isn’t counting down like going back in time. If that’s the case then you need a Delorean not a clock

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: calendars aren’t timeless. hee hee!
    I always like when the “possibly relate posts” are related to me.

    Tony: starting in July, calendars should go from 30/31 to 1 in my books. What a wonderful world that would be. hee hee!

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