Christmas Treason


I used to live near a few Christmas Tree farms:

Christmas Trees look a lot like pine trees for most of the year.


note: I don’t know why there were fences around the farms. It’s not like pine trees move very fast!

double note: my place is only big enough to have a Christmas Tree stump.

triple note: Christmas Tree stumps never get artificial limbs.


Today #100

Today smelled a lot like yesterday.
Maybe it was just me.

5 responses to “Christmas Treason

  1. What happens to all the dead Christmas Trees after Christmas?

    If you were to bury your dead Christmas Tree, would it be considered insensitive to bury it in a pine box?

  2. Triffids weren’t very fast either – but look at the bother they caused Howard Keel!

  3. Pardon me, your stump is showing! You might have to find a tree skirt for that!

  4. I was going to leave a witty comment but then when I tried to think of one I was totally stumped…

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