Stocking Up


Christmas stockings are like dead crows;

they are only good hanging up for decorative purposes.


note: as a kid I didn’t have a stocking with my name on it, I had to use the one with my older brother’s name on it. I always worried that on Christmas morning the stocking might be full of Playboys, cigarettes, and whiskey instead of toys and candy.
I don’t worry about that stuff now.

double note: has anyone ever worn out a Christmas stocking?

triple note: it would be pretty freaky to find a foot at the bottom of a Christmas stocking!!!
… unless that’s what you wanted.


Today #99

I wrote out my Christmas Wish List today: Kim Jong-il, Robert Mugabe, co-worker, …
I mean my Christmas Hit List.

6 responses to “Stocking Up

  1. I love your story about the hand-me-down Christmas stocking. That could make a great story for kids. In contrast, my mother made four identical stockings the Christmas after I was born. Then she and my father proceeded to have another another son every two years until they had a child for each stocking. Since all the stockings then had owners no more births were allowed.

  2. As a kid I used my school sock -usually darned at heel and toe – in which I would find a mandarin and a walnut. If I was really lucky there might be something else in there too that wasn’t too shabby – like a bar of chocolate and a new pair of socks. Looking back I guess we were pretty poor.

  3. geez at least you guys had stockings. I only had panty hose. and I wasn’t allowed to hang those up.

  4. I still feel unusual

    Mum would hang our Christmas stockings on our bedroom door knobs ’cause we didn’t have a fireplace or a chimney for that matter! Santa had a magic key that could unlock any door. I reckon Santa is a burglar in the off season.

  5. I don’t have anything smart to say but I bet that stocking took a long time to make. Your sister much like you!

  6. madtante: she’s pretty good with needles … she’s a nurse when she’s not knitting.

    note:I see that I never replied to the comments made last year when I posted this. I don’t know how that happened: I’m usually pretty good at these sorts of things. I feel shame.

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