People seem to forget that  before all those flying reindeer started pulling Santa’s sleigh, Christmas had a different meaning:







… there were flying dinosaurs pulling Santa’s sleigh!

“Santa, red with tooth and claw”
(apologies to Lord Alfred Tennyson)


note: on Allo, on Bronto, on T-rex, on Stego!
              on Brachio, on Veloci, on Tricera, on Patago!

double note: this Christmas display had the regular holiday characters as well. From left to right in the photo Santa, Frosty, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and Doraemonif you were standing behind them. hee hee!


Today #98

Today was morning breathtaking.

6 responses to “Christmassospondylus

  1. Santa and ten tiny dinosaurs…. how weird. Even weirder than the stuff you see on lawns in suburban America! I wonder if those dinosaurs were the first “believers”. Perhaps the tradition is older than we know.

  2. Rudolph the red nosed pterodactyl. No one ever knew when they went to the toilet because they have a silent pee. Imagine a whole team of sleigh pulling dinosaurs landing on through your roof

  3. When the glowing velociraptors get loose and start wreaking havoc, don’t say I didn’t warn you …

  4. haha! very cool. Hellllloooooooo Kitty!

  5. I still feel unusual

    Ah Japan. They know all about Christmas no doubt.

  6. Wow. Guess that’s what it’d be like tripping on salvia at a football game.

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