Planes And Boats And Trains



Singers sing about cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, rockets, planes, helicopters, trains, buses, subways, balloons, bicycles, unicycles, skateboards, rollerskates, horses, and even Segways (Weird Al Yankovic)

… but no one ever sings about stilts.

Songwriters can’t be blamed for this oversight really:

the best rhyme that goes with “stilts” is “kilts”

… and stilts and kilts don’t really work too well together in my experience.



note: photo taken by Kelly Pettit … while we were being shopping mauled the other day.

double note: when I saw this photo it made me realize why I usually drive on the inside of my van.


Today #95

I’m washing my stinky slippers today.
The ones I don’t wear at all never stink!
It’s a mystery!


8 responses to “Planes And Boats And Trains

  1. I am not sure I could rhyme the word stilts into a song lyric, but I think I could work it into a country song that goes:

    “oh please telt me you stilts tove me
    ‘though i stilts can’t separale my l’s and t’s”

  2. My name is Scott Macpherson
    I own a lot of kilts
    The only time I wear them
    Is when I’m on my stilts!

    See PR – stilts and kilts work perfectly well together. Och aye they doooo!

  3. Wow, you’re really long… You’re like one of those stretchy toys made out of that sticky gel stuff.

  4. I walked down the street on my stilts
    While wearing one of my kilts
    When from below
    I heard someone go,
    “I see when it’s cold you just wilts.”

  5. You and Kelly are so fun when you get together. 😉

  6. Stilts are for people who have height-envy. What is the purpose behind clowning around in a pair of them?

    Songwriters only write new songs. Why don’t they write old ones?

  7. That photo captured the action perfectly as you were about to go up. over & through the windscreen of the van that hit you.

  8. Thanks for all the comments!

    guidopip: thanks for stopping by! Exchanging “l’s” and “t’s” could get a person into trouble, except when ordering a BLT sandwich maybe.

    epicurienne: I can hear The Pogues singing that for some reason. hee hee!

    leafprobably: thanks for stopping by! I’m not really that shape. My friend was trying out his new superwide angle camera lens and discovered that if he got really close to me to take a photo it had 2 effects:
    1) it distorted the photo
    2) I said “hey! you’re getting way inside my personal space buddy!

    Dennis the Vizsla: hee hee! Can a limerick be classified as a song? I don’t think U2 or The Rolling Stones have many popular limericks.

    sweetiegirlz: are you saying that we aren’t any fun when we aren’t together? hee hee!

    Tammy: hee hee! “Here’s a classic from the 60’s that I just wrote.

    Tony: if that van hit me, it means I didn’t use the parking brake again! hee hee!

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