Nipponderings #1: Rice


Here are the facts about rice in Japan:

the average tan produces happyo per year.

Just thought you should know … in case you were interested.

in other words:

The average field/paddy is 99.9 square meters (or 300 x 2 tatami mats) and produces 480kg of rice. (1056lbs)


note: from my source: the average person nowadays eats only 60kg (132lbs) of rice a year at home due to restaurants … and potatoes, bread, and pasta being readily available.   I probably eat about 40 kg a year at home and another 40 kg while out and about.
How much rice do you eat?

double note: I don’t know how much wheat, corn, or potatoes grow in the average wheat, corn or potato field, but I’m sure there are wheat, corn, and potato farmers telling their Japanese teachers the facts at this very moment.

 triple note: my source is old school, so I’m sure he eats about 100kg of rice a year … and other people not so much.

quadruple note: what the hell is a bushel? Farmers all over the world need to update their lingo!


Today #88

Today passed by faster than a kidney stone!


6 responses to “Nipponderings #1: Rice

  1. Hmm, my last kidney stone went for almost a week, so I’d say you had a long day. 😉

  2. I don’t know how much I eat but I really love rice. Michelle cooks it better than me, I always tend to overestimate how much to put in the pot & we end up with heaps. She tells me about 1 cup but it never looks enough in it’s uncooked state so I always fall into the temptation of tipping more in. Some people just never learn from past mistakes…

  3. I think we get through about 12KG of rice a year between the two of us. So I guess we can’t be considered to be big consumers….. So one paddy field would last us a lifetime…..

  4. We do eat rice, but not THAT much!

  5. Once a week I make a rice cooker full of Jasmine rice (or Doug will) Love Jasmine rice. Our rice cooker is not very big so I guess that isn’t much rice!

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Dennis the Vizsla: it was a bit of a long day … well actually, a lot of bits of a long day. hee hee!

    Tony: I’m the same way with shaving foam. I never learn.

    BlackLOG: one of my students gives me 5kg from his family’s field each year. It lasts about a month: it’s pretty good though.

    S. Le: rice is the easiest thing to cook over here: just wash it, stick it in the rice cooker, and go away for 40 minutes. … and then come back and press the “on” button. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: a friend came to visit from England once. He assured me that he loved rice. After 2 days he said, “Okay, enough with the rice; I’m riced out“.

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