I’m going all MTV and unplugging my computer for a few days.

Actually it’s going into the shop for repairs.

I hope they find something wrong with it … because if they don’t, that would mean there is something wrong with me!

I could be wrong; I usually am.



note: see you in a few days hopefully.

double note: if I had a child, I’d call him or her “Bongo Friendee“. … I guess that’s one of the reasons why I don’t have children.


Today #84

Today should be the last day, for a while, that I have to put up with a computer working at about 20%.

 … except for the crap computer at work … I think that one will be crap forever.

6 responses to “Unplugged

  1. Sure the computer will turn out to be defective ! Not you ! I love your humor . 🙂
    Find out how much you don’t know about computers.

  2. The first time that I pulled up behind a Bongo Friendee I thought that I’d gone mad. Who the hell names a road vehicle Bongo Friendee?

  3. Are you for real??? No computer AAAIIIEEE!!!!!

  4. Hi, completely off the subject (sorry, although I agree – no computer? eeeeek!) but do you know what happened to S.Le at “I Feel Unusual”? Her blog has been deleted and I wondered if she started a new one. Gosh, I go on vacation for a couple of weeks and people just disappear!

  5. Where IS everyone? It seems like all my blog buddies are missing in the ether. Well, I do understand the need to have a break from our PCs at times, especially when they break, but never have I noticed three of my favourite reads to disappear at the same time (you and Pat and Razz). I bet you’re all together having a wee conference about um er Bongo Friendees or something.

  6. Thanks for all the comments!

    Tasneem: I’m sorry that your comment sat in the “pending” area for so long. I don’t know what was wrong with the computer, but 10 days and $50 seems to have cured it somehow.

    Tooty Nolan: do you have a lot of Bongo Friendees … or just a few Bongo Friendees? hee hee!

    Tony: AAAIIIEEEOOOUUU! times 10! I’m for real, I pinched myself and everything.

    goingroundandround: sorry for not getting back to you earlier: computer problems. S. Le‘s new blog is at: http://istillfeelunusual.wordpress.com/

    Epicurienne: I’m back. Computer places should give a loaner computer to people when there’s are in for repairs. What did people do before computers? … oh! … nevermind … it’s coming back to me now. hee hee!

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