When I look up at the night sky, I think …
 “People don’t draw stars very accurately.”


note: I would wonder “Why am I here?” when I look at the stars, but I’m sure enough other people do that “I wonder why planetross is here?” stuff already. hee hee!

 double note: if everyone in the world did this, I may start to feel a bit paranoid.

triple note: I only feel paranoid when I’ve had a few drinks: I’m imparanoid then.

quadruple note: paranoid people are parannoying.


Today #81

On a nice sunny day like today, the stars are the furthest thing from my mind … and a lot further than the sun technically.
(I know the sun is a star, but nobody draws it star-shaped, so it doesn’t count)

6 responses to “Stars

  1. It’s difficult to draw balls of fire. Just ask Jerry Lee Lewis! Who came up with the star shape anyway? Sersly. Do you know?

  2. Don’t look now, but are you paranormal?

  3. The star drawings arent accurate, but those constellations…I can totally see them.

  4. both the girlz have those sticky glow in the dark stars all over their room. Your picture made me think of that! They love them when they turn off the light and they are “recharged”. They are strangely comforting to look at, even for me…

  5. I think they don’t call the sun The Star because then it would have to come out at night then it wouldn’t be dark enough to sleep

  6. Thanks for all the comments!

    S. Le: I did find some info about who started drawing stars like that, but it was 10 days ago … so it’s gone from my memory now. I think I yougled or gahooed it way back then. hee hee!

    drgeo: the only thing better than being normal is to be a “pair of normal“. hee hee! … oh no! … I see the smoking man!

    omawarisan: I guess that is a constellation prize of sorts. hee hee!
    (I’ve been waiting 10 days to say that)

    sweetiegirlz: those stars on the ceiling of the room I don’t use in my house. I think there were 5 or so children occupying this house before me: stars on the ceiling and low level height measurement marks are usually a give away.
    The “Hello Kitty” sticker on the bathtub could be from anyone!

    Tony: your reasoning is flawless … unless you lived on the otherside of the world … and then someone might not agree with you … for 12 hours of so. hee hee!

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