Alienational Team Sports

I think there is an illegal alien on the soccer pitch.


note: it’s a Worlds Cup Team.

double note: “our National Anthem would kill every person on this planet, so we’ll just use the theme song to “The Jeffersons” if you don’t mind.

triple note: get it? … there are 12 on the field! … oh, nevermind.  It was funnier in my mind … earlier … for a moment.


Today #80

Today was easier than KFC chicken … I mean greasier!

6 responses to “Alienational Team Sports

  1. Cynical Scribble

    May I be the first pedantic to note that that pitch looks like an American Football pitch. Oh…and it’s football, not soccer (although I’ve just noticed football in your tags, phew!)

  2. There are 12 on the field??? No I don’t get it, must be some kind of (Oh what’s it called a message that infiltrates your brain without you knowing) anyway one of those messages. Why is there a life preserver around the soccer ball??? That’s just weird

  3. So the aliens are “movin’ on up”?
    Maybe you should stay away from the greasy chicken.
    It’s toxic to your brain- greasy=queasy=Weezie

  4. I still feel unusual

    Your alien team will likely do better than either the UK or USA teams did in the last World Cup.

    “World’s Cup” as in other worlds? Really ups the anti, yeah?

  5. I still feel unusual

    You really DO need to “approve” of me so my comments don’t languish in your moderation bin.

    Love your aliens. Are there any in your fridge anymore or have they moved on?

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Cynical Scribble: I agree with you about most of your observations … but it actually looks more like a Canadian Football Field because it has an extra 10 yards at the center of the field.
    (there are 11 marked areas on either side of the center line: I think that was on a test in High School. hee hee!)

    Tony: 12 players on the field/pitch was what I was thinking, but I don’t think it’s really funny now.
    The soccer ball/football is a little tiddlywink/counter/hajiki (Japanese name) thing. Since I haven’t used this game for a long long time, it took me a long long time to find that important piece of equipment in my desk drawers.

    Tammy: hee hee! I actually understand the “Weezie” reference! … I watched too much tv as a kid.

    S. Le: can I still call you “S. Le“? … or are you more comfortable with “I still feel unusual“? hee hee!
    Sorry for your languishing in my moderation bin. Usually once I approve a few comments from someone, they just appear naturally on the blog.
    I actually pulled out the bag of big aliens for a photo shoot the other night, but they all can’t hold their air anymore. (deflated face)
    I had a bag of these little green ones last year, but gave them away to students. I bought another bag of them a week ago and haven’t given them all away to students yet.
    I don’t know why I buy these things!
    … maybe because they glow in the dark!

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