Songwriters don’t use “plaid” enough in songs.

Imagine if it was …

-Plaid Submarine
-Plaid Haze
-Plaid Eyed Girl
-Plaid … by Coldplay
-Plaid Velvet
-Plaider Shade of Pale
-Plaid Sugar
-Plaid Onions

… it might be nice in band names or for individual artists too!

– James Plaid
-Plaid Sabbath
-Barry Plaid
-Plaid Hot Chili Peppers
-Plaid Oyster Cult
-Johnny Cash … the man in plaid

… even as an album name!

The Plaid Album by The Beatles


note: I’m sure there must be some plaid in country music.

double note: I’m dreaming of a Plaid Christmas

triple note: Bob Dylan‘s Plaid on Plaid would sound even cooler!
… maybe it would be “Plaide on Plaide“.


Today #77

Today might be like a game of roulette: all black and red.
… if things start moving too fast, it might turn out plaid.

7 responses to “Plaid

  1. Hmm, I’m surprised Big Country never wrote a song about plaid …

  2. My favourite is definitely – Johnny Cash … the man in plaid
    Tie a plaid ribbon around the old oak tree

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Dennis the Vizsla: Big Country would probably sing about tartan, but that’s just another word for plaid in another language that is used in English.

    Tony: I was partial to “Plaid Sabbath“, but “Johnny Cash … the man in plaid” is growing on me.
    Quite a few of both artists albums went “plaidinum” I hear! hee hee!

    I’m still singing “Back in Plaid“!

  4. Plaid Velvet doesn’t sound near as sexy…

  5. sweetiegirlz: Bobby Vinton is probably rolling over in his grave right now … unless he’s still alive … or was cremated … or doesn’t like rolling. hee hee!

  6. I still feel unusual

    Just think if Metallica recorded “Plaidened” instead of “Blackened” and if the Rolling Stones sang “Plaid Sugar”, would there be a new type of sugar invented? And if the Beatles sang,”Baby’s in Plaid” they would make many Scottich lasses very happy.

  7. S. Le: hee hee!

    note: I’ve already got “Plaid Sugar” in the post. “Paint it Plaid” would sound kind of cool too!

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