Do you know what the difference between a “crap photo” and a “great photo” is?


… anything else is just pure or impure perspeculation.


note: this isn’t directed towards anyone on my blogroll. I love your photos/pictures/paintings. (no sarcasm)

double note: this wasn’t a “photo opportunity” … it was a “camera opportunity“! hee hee!

triple note: yes, I know I’ve played with perspectacles  before … but this is different … it’s perspeculation!

quadruple note: I just get tired of hearing people bag on someone else’s photos because they don’t like them for technical/personal reasons. These people really pixels my ass.

quintuple note: my favourite photo!


Today #76

Today  just doesn’t sound grammatically correct: it should be twodays.

7 responses to “Photographilosophising

  1. Is that a disposable camera in the top picture?

    I know who that person is who pixels your ass! You should take a picture of him/her and say it’s the worst photo EVER!

    I appreciate you not telling people that I took that bottom photo. ohhhhh crap, now they know 😦

    PS. I can’t believe you went on a weekend outing and only brought with you your $500 pocket camera! What’s with you man!! (inside joke).

  2. Did you buy the funny camera (bag?) or just play around with it? If you were in a store and take pictures do you get yelled at in Japan? I’ve been yelled at before, doing that.

  3. Is the last photo your favourite because it’s such a good pic of a finger?

    That first camera is just my sort… one I could also use as a pillow. It would be good for still photography.

  4. Great post title, I can’t even pronounce it, I don’t wanna be one of tose technically critical people but the 1st photo has a perspective problem

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Kelly Pettit: I think there was a hamster inside chiselling out a photo … ala The Flintstones.

    I’m sure C.S.I. would have no problem figuring out your fingerprint in the second photo. hee hee!
    I was going to use the photo where your finger blocked out my entire head, but that’s not my good profile.

    sweetiegirlz: I didn’t see any signs that said “No Photos”, but near the bag there was an “instore monitoring system” watching over everything. Nobody has hassled me yet about taking photos in stores over here, but I’m pretty stealth like and sneaky.
    I don’t think anybody would actually yell at you over here: it would be polite and after the fact.

    S. Le:still photography” hee hee!
    The 2nd photo is my favourite until I say it isn’t anymore. I’m subjecticulating over it at the moment.

    Tony: my head and body should be a lot bigger in that first photo. … stupid bag people making oversized bags that look like other stuff!!! hee hee!

  6. Photographilosophising would’ve been a good word to have in the video & harder to say than Youtuberculosis

  7. Tony: I think I’ve proven that nothing is harder for me to say than “Youtuberculosis“. hee hee!

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