Thinking Of Speaking … Or Speaking Of Thinking


I didn’t think of anything stupid today.
I said some stupid things though.
… and then wrote them down.

That “think before you speak” stuff could really cause this blog to suffer.


note: running out of ideas is very droughtful.

double note: I’m off for the weekend to parts unknown … to a lot of people, but I know them quite well and am going anyway.


Today #75

I told you what happened today above: I don’t chew my cabbage twice!


6 responses to “Thinking Of Speaking … Or Speaking Of Thinking

  1. I always think of stupid things. Often I do stupid things. I never think to write them down though.

  2. Thank you Carol King!

    I sometimes forget to write crap down … and do you know what happens? … it doesn’t come back!
    It’s like those things you love, set free, and they fly away. … they don’t usually come back. … but paper plates usually don’t either too.

  3. Getting good blog fodder is usually only as far away as the nearest person, people or crowd. I always said, “People are the greatest show on earth” Now get back to writing!

  4. If everybody thought before they spoke, where would be get gossip and political candidate sound-bites? My blog would also suffer because, like Seinfeld, my blog is about nothing.

  5. Maybe just write anything just for the sake of it.
    Oh, I see you already have…

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    sweetiegirlz: I sometimes get ideas from talking or looking at people, but most of the time my ideas just emerge while I’m submerged in going about my business or leisure.

    S. Le: I think you think about what you will write about before you write it. You ain’t foolin’ me.
    … I’m sure all this remodelling the kitchen/cat stuff is a carefully planned calculation to feed your blog. hee hee!

    Tony: your comment cuts me deeply. It’s true, but I don’t like to hear it. hee hee!
    Why doesn’t the truth feel good?

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