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It’s amazing how much I can’t get done when I don’t put my mind to it.


note:Just don’t it” … or maybe “Possibly Something” could become weekend slogans.

double note: I bet Japanese slogan writers are called “Sloguns” maybe. hee hee!

triple note: Yoda must work for Adidas.
… think about it … or “about it think“.


Today #74

Today I finally ripped off last month’s calendar page.
Woo Hoo!  Hello October!!!

7 responses to “Enter Title Here

  1. Good they put a fence around the sports area so nobody can see the jugs!

  2. Yep gotta keep the jugs private when playing sport. Yoda/adidas??? I have thought about it & still don’t get it. Please explain for us dummies

  3. Thanks for the comments you two!

    S. Le: I think they shouldn’t have put a fence around the area, but that is just a difference of opinion. hee hee!

    Tony:Impossible is Nothing” sounds like Yoda speak. “Nothing is Impossible” sounds like something most people would usually say.
    Hidden meaning not really a.

  4. A cool sign is a must for any successful business. lol.

  5. sweetiegirlz: I think this used to be a rafting company, but the dams upstream on the local river have kind of murdered the rafting business for the last 5 years or so. I could probably have more fun on an innertube these days. Canyoning is the big business now!


  6. That looks awesome! I’d love to do that.

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