Why is there never a single patron discount at FastFood places?
It’s always a “Family Value Set” or “Party Pack” that only groups can enjoy.

Sure, there are individual sets … and sometimes burger or chicken promotions, but everyone can still take advantage of those.

I’ll continue to occupy boothseats by myself until something is done about this.


note: I bought a “Big Mac Set” and another Big Mac from the local McDonald’s for 970 yen … and then noticed there was a “3 Person Value Set” for 1,000 yen. I felt kind of ripped off.

My Order: 2 Big Macs, medium fries, medium drink.
3 Person Value Set: Big Mac, Teriyaki McBurger, hamburger, chicken McNuggets, 2 medium fries, 3 small drinks. (above photo)

double note:  in protest, yesterday I went to McDonald’s and ordered that stupid 3 Person Value Set, sat down with my stupid 2 trays, and stupidly ate it all.
… then I waddled home and groaned a lot. 

triple note: I guess I could have gone with someone and split the “3 Person Value Set” for a savings, but I didn’t think I could convince Mr. Pettit to eat that stinky Teriyaki McBurger.

quadruple note:Eating alone? … that’s half-price then.

quintuple note: sometimes “I Am The Pig”


Today #69

I smelled the todaisies today … or whatever those flowers are called.

10 responses to “Value

  1. When Art Major was in Japan, Makudonarudo was where he’d go to get a taste of home. Of course HERE we don’t have shrimp burgers, but you know what I mean.

  2. Good Grief You actually ate all that??? Never heard of a teriyaki burger at McDonald’s. We have had an Aussie Burger, guess it’s a cultural thing. A;although they had a Big Kahuna Burger once & we aren’t Hawaiians. Bet they never had the Big McKahuna in Vietnam McDonald’s because “Charlie don’t surf” (Marlon Brando – Apocalypse Now)

  3. Oh it wasn’t Marlon who said that, it was some other bloke

  4. Here’s a burger for you.
    Nothing like a pile of ground burned cow-meat.
    Damn… now I’m hungry.

  5. Teriyaki Mcburger.

    It’s nice to know in advance what the theme of tonight’s night terror is going to be.

  6. Woah. I think I could only eat one or two of those things and live to tell about it! What did you do? Shake the food down your legs to make room for it all?

    P.S.Awwww…. I SO would’ve ate in your booth with you! What am I like
    10 billion miles away? That would have been an expensive lunch for me!

  7. Wow! That’s a lot of food! Now, I can scarf down a Big Mac…yum.
    Did you order the diet drink with your Big Mac?
    I don’t eat at McDonald’s often, but I ate a Qtr. Pounder meal Sunday night, with a Diet Coke, of course.

  8. Thanks for all the comments!

    My back is crook.
    I can’t respond reasonably or unreasonably to all of your comments at the moment, but next week … watch out!

    note: I could respond to individual comments, but that sounds like too much work … and I’m pretending I saw them all at once … so there!

    double note: I think I’ve copy and pasted this comment.

  9. Thanks for all the comments!

    S. Le: I kind of like the shrimp burger … it’s like a filet-o-fish … but bigger.
    That sounds like an oxymoron “a big shrimp burger” … or maybe they are giant prawns??

    Tony: I considered it a challenge. There isn’t much else going on in my life at the moment.
    The second box of fries was the most difficult: they don’t stay warm very long.
    There’s always a different burger popping up for a month or two here. Most are pretty crap, but some have potential.

    oh! Robert Duvall is your man.

    writerdood: that’s a pretty big burger. I used to order the “Grampa Teen Burger“, with 4 beef patties, from A&W … until they stopped calling their burgers: poppa, momma, and baby … and their chicken chubby. They kept the teen burger though … now I’m hungry!!!

    omawarisan: yes, the Teriyaki Mcburger is a bit too sickly sweet for me. I’m still waiting for the McSushi Burger to arrive, but it’s like Godot … it never shows up.

    sweetiegirlz: all the booths were full when I went, so I was relegated to the table just outside the bathroom. The people next to me even took my other chair!
    Well timed sips of cola helped in getting it all down.

    Tammy: I had 3 regular colas. If I’m going to do something really wrong, I try to do it right at least. hee hee!

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