Smoping Around


I smoke a pack of cigarettes everyday.

I don’t know how many I don’t smoke,

… but it’s probably quite a few.


Surgeon General’s note: I wanted to write novels, but the warnings on cigarette packages was the only thing I was good at.

note: I bet the Surgeon General doesn’t really write those notes. False Advertising!!


Today #66

Today I thought about the unfairy godmother that seems to be alive and well … and messing with all sorts of people who aren’t me.

8 responses to “Smoping Around

  1. You wouldn’t believe how many I don’t smoke. I bought 2400 at the airport the other day, and I haven’t touched one!

  2. Someone attach a tow rope to that train before it disappears into the quicksand!

  3. Oh Smoking, I thought Smoping was S moping around. Quitting smoking 15 years ago was a great decision. I used to smoke a packet a day, I used to smoke the cigarettes not the actual packet

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Tooty Nolan: is 2400 cigarettes your limit for not smoking … or do you have a lot of friends … or are you supplimenting your income? hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: a toe rope isn’t too practical … a screaming head or waving arm rope would be better.
    … I don’t know much about trains, so maybe you are right.

    Tony: I think I was moping around … or lugubrious … or in a blue funk … or bummed out when I wrote this, so you are not wrong.

  5. If youre not already, you must do the, I found it cathartic and absolutely entertaining how much I can talk about myself under a deadline :D!!

  6. Mental Mist: I’ll have to check that out. thanks.

  7. Think of the money you’d have if you didn’t buy ciggies!

  8. S. Le: they are pretty cheap over here, but they’ve jumped from 300 yen to 410 yen a pack recently. They are still cheap compared to a lot of other places though. The monetary persuasion isn’t persuading me at the moment.
    If I quit it will be for a better reason, like … I want to live a little while longer.

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