Memory Glands


I don’t remember anything as if it happened only yesterday

… unless it happened yesterday.


note: remembering something as if it happened only yesterday could cause “timeline-ups“.

double note: memories out of order are inconsecutivequential.

triple note: my memories are out of order: try back later.

quadruple note: I can’t pronounce that made-up word in the second note very well … just thought you should know.


Today #65

Today I was like an old movie … not very specially effective.


3 responses to “Memory Glands

  1. I guess memory glands help you keep abreast of time

  2. They tried it during the sixties, but it only seemed to work in SanFrancisco. On the ‘up’ side, it did appear to induce bouts of extreme nudity, and soldiers sometimes found their rifle barrels blocked by a charming marigold.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: titter titter.

    Tooty Nolan: can you define “extreme nudity“? … it sounds dirty. hee hee!

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