Tree Of Knowledge


I ate a banana from the Tree of Knowledge.

Afterwards I thought, “That wasn’t the Tree of Knowledge.”

So I guess it must have been.


note: I’ll still try strawberry and pineapple trees next.

double note: maybe bananas grow on the “Tree of Just a Little Bit of Knowledge“?

triple note: obviously the persimmon tree in the photo isn’t the Tree of Knowledge … or maybe the owners just don’t eat persimmons … or it is the Tree of Knowledge and it’s just a really knowledgable thing to do to keep other people from eating that fruit!
Either way or the other … it looks kind of cool.

quadruple note: Thanks to everyone that voted for me over at Tacky Raccoons! … I smell another t-shirt … or I will after I’ve worn it for a while! hee hee!

quintuple note: I’m not thinking about adding a weekly feature called “Japan for Idiots“. What do you not think about that?


Today # 64

Light years seem light because they are so far away. The years closer to me seem heavier for some reason. (I thought of that today, so it kind of fits)

8 responses to “Tree Of Knowledge

  1. I think you should not think about writing a weekly called “Japan for Idiots” and just write the bloody thing! I could use some fruit from the trees of knowledge and ambition. Throw in an energy drink and I’ll be good!

  2. I bet there are bunched of different Trees-o-knowledge! Making a menu would be help you out here and there and the things your horrible at you can blame on not being ripe enough yet to eat.

    Eeeew! Math? I hate the way that stuff tastes!


  3. Hay Mista Planit Ross maybe the persimon tree reely is the tree ov nolij but yoo just dont no it yet becorz yoo dident eet the persimon from it so yoo wood hav sum nolij that it woz the tree ov nolij arfter orl

  4. Thanks for all the comments … and sorry for being tardy in responding.

    S. Le: I think I will start something next week, but will call it “Nipponderings” instead. The other name just isn’t catchy enough.
    I think the “Tree of Ambition” is trying to throw apples like that tree in “The Wizard of Oz“. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: I will!

    Turkish Prawn: ‘Pssst … give me some fruit from the “How to Pick up Women” tree.‘ hee hee!

    Dixie the Poodle: I ate a bit of the bark. … I didn’t think about eating the fruit though.
    I still think there is a “Cow of Knowledge” out there somewhere. hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: I always say that persimmon taste a little like cinnamon, but no one ever agrees with me. I guess they just have bad taste or something.

  5. Love the name. It could become collectible like the painted dishes!

  6. S. Le:Japandering To The Crowd” was another one. … I’m still thinking.

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