Construction Criticism

The skyscapers have finished their work.

It’s just the landscapers that are holding up this project.


note: I’m a finalist in a “one liner“contest over at Tacky Raccoons. If you have a spare moment, could you click the link here and vote for planetross … or the other guy, Wheels.


Today #63

Today is just another day, but when it comes down to it … most people would like just another day everyday.

9 responses to “Construction Criticism

  1. You had me at Sally Struthers.

  2. I would kind of like today to be a different sort of day than every other day. But it probably won’t be.

  3. “… I did the frilly bits around the fjords.”

  4. Cynical Scribble

    I voted, I would like you to leave the envelope full of bribery cash underneath the plant pot.

  5. cool construction hiders. If that’s what it is. I will go visit now. bye-eeeee.

  6. Those lazy landscapers always let the side down. Now I’ll go & vote for you, or the other guy

  7. OK I liked your inbred joke more than the other guy so I voted for you. That money better be in paypal tonight or I’ll clear my cookies & vote for wheels. Drats… Went to get a snack & Michelle already cleared the cookies…

  8. Congrats, plane! You won the runoff contest with the most runoff. Check yer email to claim your entirely bitchin’ prize. –Bunk

  9. Thanks for all the comments.
    … And thanks for voting in my favour over at Tacky Raccoons.

    omawarisan: you actually read comments on other people’s blogs. I’m impressed! I do too … but I’m impressivenable. hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: me too! … but another day is better than not another day anyday.

    S. Le: it took me a few moments to figure out that HHGTTG quote. I loved the books; I’m still not sure about the movie. I may have to watch it again.

    Cynical Scribble: I think that’s a typo in comment. You meant “pot plant” really? I left it there … and pinched a few buds. thanks.

    sweetiegirlz: thanks. yes they are construction shields … or whatever they are called. This entry would have been different if it had been raining I guess. hee hee!

    Tony: thanks. Lazy landscapers are naturalists. hee hee!

    Bunks Trutts: thanks for the contest and the bitchin’ prize! I think I will get a black one this time.

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