To Coin A Phrase … About Coins.


I pick up change when I find it on the ground.

I don’t need the money.
I don’t need a good luck charm.

It’s just monetary litter.

What would happen if everyone started throwing their money on the ground?

Think of the mess!


note! … total score!

double note: if money grew on trees, I’m sure it would always be winter when I went to the forest.

triple note: countries that don’t have pennies must be unlucky.

quadruple note: throw coins in the correct receptacles: fountains and stuff!

quintuple note: is a “receptacle” when you make a reception and then get tackled?


Today #62

I can smell the ocean, but I know it’s still a day away.

(the ocean is my euphemism for the weekend … I thought you knew that)

9 responses to “To Coin A Phrase … About Coins.

  1. I pick up money and give it to my kids–just as good as pitching it into most fountains.

  2. Cynical Scribble

    I haven’t found money on the floor for ages. I did find money in my jeans a while ago, I thought I was rich, until I remembered it was mine in the first place.

  3. You are an enviromentalist and an advocate for safety. Where would we be if we started slipping on those coins all the time?

  4. Like Cynical, I haven’t found more than a penny to pick up for quite some time. Money can’t be that lucky or people wouldn’t be able to lose it!

  5. I think there should be a lost coins home for all those poor pennys who have no one to love them

  6. Thanks for all the comments!

    Slamdunk: thanks for stopping by! I don’t have kids, but I think throwing money at them is as useful as throwing it in a fountain. hee hee!

    Cynical Scribble: my brother found $50 in his “going to other people’s weddings suit”. He felt well chuffed.
    (did I use “chuffed” correctly? … I never know)

    omawarisan: I did use throw away chopsticks in the photo, so there will be no backslapping here.
    I wouldn’t mind slipping on a coin … if it was worth $1,000,000! … and I picked it up afterwards.

    S. Le: someone’s lucky money is someone else’s unlucky money. It’s a ying/yang thing … or a kaching/kachang thing.

    Tony: Australia has no more pennies I think. … or is that New Zealand? … or both?
    In Malaysia, the KFC gave part of my change in candies because they didn’t use some low denomination coin anymore. It was okay candy.

  7. If you are overseas in the military, like in Germany or somewhere, the military bases don’t use pennies, they either round up or down to the nickel. So you are always either gaining or losing money (pennies).

  8. Yes Mista Planit Daddy sed Ostraylya & Tazmayneeya dont hav pennys no mor. Thay stopped befor I woz borned. Wot ar pennys ennyway???

  9. Thanks for the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: I guess they don’t do all that .99cents/$1.98 crap at the base shops then. … cause that would really bug me!

    Dixie the Poodle: I usually don’t respond to dogs … unless the say hello … but what the heck!
    Pennies are brown, round, and small … but don’t have any smell. Kind of like a boring hamster turd that someone has stepped on.

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