Inner Monologue


Shakespeare probably had an inner soliloquy.


note: having an inner pantomime would be annoying.

double note: my inner monolog is sappy pine.

triple note: my inner monologue’s voice is computerized and says, “Your life is ajar.


Today #61

I hope it’s a yippidee doo da day today.

4 responses to “Inner Monologue

  1. I had to Google Soliloquy
    When I get restless Michelle says “Sit-still-ol’-guy

  2. I saw a sick old man at the hospital, we was a Still-ill-ol’-guy

  3. Trees? My side mirror has dirt and bird crap! I’ll trade you mirrors!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: I think most of my recent knowledge comes from googling words that people use in their blogs. The internet does have some benefits. I’m not a know-it-all … I’m a know-it-vaguely type of person.

    S. Le: don’t get Tony started on your side mirrors again! … I think there is bird crap and dirt in those trees too, but I didn’t look too closely. hee hee!

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