Genetique Tackling


I guess when scientists finish all this Gene Mapping …

they will make a fortune selling the maps at gas stations.


note: making Gene Maps is probably really difficult; they must be really really really small.

double note: Gene Maps don’t fold: they twist.

triple note: scientists could have used: researching, investigating, unravelling, analyzing, probing, studying …
but they chose mapping.
They must think they are explorers or something.

quadruple note: the photo has nothing to do with Gene mapping … I just don’t have any good photos of that stuff. I blame zoom lens technology.

quintuple note: isn’t anyone working on the other GPS: Genome Positioning System?


Today #58

Today flew by like a penguin.


5 responses to “Genetique Tackling

  1. That is the weirdest getup that guy is wearing. Something in his genes maybe… like, he’s lost and needs his map. Or else I’ve just been away from the city too long and this is what everybody is wearing these days.

  2. I think that person has stolen Dennis’s fedora.

  3. I was going to visit Gene the other day but I lost the map & couldn’t find my way. The bloke in white is rather disturbing. I’d feel less uncomfortable if he was wearing jeans & a t-shirt

  4. looks like a entry from : which always has me thinking hard (and laughing)

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: he could almost get away with it … if it wasn’t for those shoey boot things.

    Dennis the Vizsla: good eye. I missed that connection.

    Tony: I usually don’t bring the camera into the shopping center, but I had a hunch there might be something photographaworthy on that day.

    sweetiegirlz: thanks for the link.

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